Scaled down Weddings during Covid 19

With everything that’s going on at the moment you might not have the desire or energy to re-organise the big wedding that you had originally planned.  It’s easy to understand why.  Many people’s priorities have changed over that past few weeks as couples come to terms with what’s happened and is still happening to us all.

If you can’t bear the thought of losing out on the big ceremony you had originally planned you you may have to consider postponing til next year. However if your wedding is still a few months away or it’s possible to change the date and have it put back, it is definitely worth considering having an intimate symbolic wedding ceremony.  This can be on a much smaller scale than your original plans and will be easier to arrange.

There are many small and intimate wedding venues where you can have a beautiful Ceremony crafted personally for you.  You can even have the Wedding in your own home or garden if it’s big enough. This will have to wait until the current Social Isolation period is over of course but that looks set to end very soon.  For those couples who are reconsidering and reassessing it could be the perfect solution.

Make it more intimate and have a special ceremony written just for you, that reflects you and your relationship.  Micro Weddings are much more personal and intimate and are perfect for couples who want something very personal and is all about them.

It doesn’t have to be looked at as ‘second best’.   An intimate wedding ceremony is a very beautiful and emotional ceremony with just the two of you exchanging your personal wedding vows and promises with a handful of close relatives and friends.  A Celebrant crafts a ‘one-off’ ceremony that is all about you and reflects your personalities and style.

It’s not a boring ‘off-the-peg’ legal ceremony.  One big advantage of a Symbolic Ceremony is that you can have your Wedding Ceremony anywhere you want it.  Whether that’s indoors or outdoors it’s entirely up to you.  The ‘legalities’ can be done at a Register Office at a later date or a few days before.


You can also have your small, symbolic wedding ceremony videoed or better still, webcast so that it can be shared with those friends and family that can’t be with you, without them having to leave their homes.  It’s a wonderful way to include anyone who can’t attend.

It ensures friends and family that fall into the ‘at risk’ group still get to participate in your ceremony but also continue to stay safe.  In addition it’s also wonderful for friends and relatives living in different parts of the world to be a part of your special ceremony and you can also record it too, so that you can see it yourself and relive the beautiful moments as many times as you want to.

It gives you the best of all worlds – an intimate ceremony written just for you where your family members can see it live or watch it at a time to suit them. They will be safe at home with no risk to their health from Corona Virus.  And to top it all you get to see your ceremony too, whenever you want to.  As we slowly come out of this period of social isolation, a webcast ceremony is definitely an option to consider.

Staying positive

This is a totally unique situation which is affecting the whole world. All we can do is try and stay positive, keep safe and take care of our physical and mental health.

You WILL get your special day and whilst Corona Virus may still be with us, the days of lock down will be a distant memory as you say ‘I do’ to your new husband or wife and the future will be looking much brighter.