Wedding and Partnership Ceremonies

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Hi, I am a Sheffield Wedding Celebrant and can officiate at ceremonies carried out anywhere, the venue doesn’t need to be licensed. Having a wedding ceremony or civil partnership led by a celebrant gives you the freedom to hold your ceremony wherever you like and at any time of day. The possibilities are endless and the venues don’t need to be licensed.      The setting creates a special atmosphere and gives your Wedding a truly unique flavour.  I can conduct weddings in castles, picturesque woodlands, lakeside settings, stately homes, hotels, beautiful gardens, barns, tipis, marquees, rooftops and even on a beach!                         

stock-photo-warwick-castle-from-outside-it-is-a-medieval-castle-built-in-th-century-and-a-major-touristic-287046704A few years ago the government introduced a scheme to offer a civil wedding ceremony as an alternative to a religious ceremony or church wedding. If you choose to book myself at Sheffield Wedding Celebrant, the cost of the ceremony is £475.00. There would be a deposit of £175 to secure the date. Travel costs may be added if the venue is outside the Sheffield area [Please see below for what this includes.]

As with any standard wedding ceremony, you can include the traditional elements by saying ‘I do’ but what makes the service personal is that you can also write your own wedding vows, select your own music and create your own sequence. Although most people still choose to exchange vows and rings, you can also include other symbolic elements such as handfasting,  unity candle, unity sand, breaking the glass, broom jumping and warming the rings. In addition you can bring in a ceremony devised around something meaningful to you as a couple.

bride-454144__180The style of the ceremony will be written by myself to reflect the couple’s personalities so it could be sentimental and romantic or humorous and irreverent, whatever the case it will based upon your wishes. I can incorporate faiths and cultural heritage as well as spiritual elements, there is no restriction. As a Sheffield wedding celebrant, I often like to include family and children as their participation adds to the occasion. This service is open to everyone regardless of faith, cultural background or sexual orientation.

However, it will be necessary to arrange the legal part of the wedding ceremony. For the marriage to be recognised in law the “Declaratory Words” and the “Contracting Words” need to be said in a Registry Office or licensed venue for a marriage certificate to be issued. Many people are unaware that ONLY these 41 words listed below have to be said in a Registry Office or licenced venue, in order for your marriage to be recognised in law. The remaining ceremony can be left to your imaginations.

*Declaratory Words:

I do solemnly declare that I know not of any lawful impediment why I (your name) may not be joined in matrimony to (partners name)

**Contracting words:

I call up these persons here present to witness that I (your name) do take thee (partners name) to be my lawful wedded wife (or husband)

These words can be exchanged within 10-15 minutes in a registry office either on the morning of the wedding, during the day(s) before or at some point after the ceremony. 


The standard charge includes:                                                                 

  • home visit
  • telephone contact with celebrant
  • draft ceremony for checking
  • order of ceremony agreed
  • one symbolic element
  • friendly support
  • liaison with your venue
  • walk through prior to ceremony
  • professional delivery of the service in venue of your choice
  • your own written copy of the service
Below is an example of an order of service which will be determined by yourselves whilst liaising with me:
  • Your entrance music
  • The welcome                                                                                 Art tree beautiful for your design
  • The first reading
  • Words during the ceremony
  • Your reasons for marrying
  • Your declarations
  • Next readings/poems/music
  • Your commitment
  • The giving of the ring
  • Reading the vows
  • Final toast
  • Conclusion of ceremony and the signing & witnessing of family and friends
  • The signing/witnessing music
  • The departure of the couple.