Should I try a Tipi for my Wedding Venue?

If you’re looking for a romantic, festival-style wedding 
venue with a twist – then tipis are the place to be seen!

As a Yorkshire bred ,Sheffield wedding celebrant, I meet a lot of couples – all with their own ideas of how
they’d like their special day to pan out. Because I meet so many people, it’s a real privilege to
see first-hand how wedding trends come and go – and now is most definitely the era of the tipi wedding! They’ve been quietly stealing a march on the traditional marquee for a while
now, and with two tipi weddings booked as a celebrant last yearand possibly another coming up this summer, it’s undeniable that the tipi isn’t
far behind.

What Is A Tipi Like?

For couples looking for something a little bit different, the tipi seems to fit the bill. If the
‘whiteness’ of a marquee isn’t for you – then the intimacy and warmth of the tipi probably will
be. They still meet all health and safety standards, whilst providing a ‘venue’ that is most
certainly characterful. Absolutely perfect if you’d like your dream day to be laid back and

The tipi (also known as teepee), was originally a temporary dwelling for the Sami people of
Lapland. Being portable, lightweight, durable and warm, they proved to be the ideal shelter.
And now, they’re proving the ideal wedding and party venue too. Compile your ideal venue list,
and if it contains the words intimate/romantic/unique/warm/inviting/different – then look no

Tipi Tips Before Booking

See the tipis ‘in person’. Pintrest and Facebook can be deceptive. It also helps to get an idea of
the actual size in reality.

Everybody’s requirements are different, so the tipi company should be able to offer you a
selection of floor plans to suit your needs.

Make sure your quote includes a site inspection for suitability. It’s here the supplier should
come into their own – they should know what the best direction is to site the tipi, where to
have the door sited (if you’re having one), in order to avoid gusts of wind blasting through.

Always get a very firm quote of how long it will take to erect, and dismantle the tipi.

Check if the company will charge you extra if your celebration runs over slightly.

It’s also vital to check what else the company provide – do they do tables and chairs? Toilets?
Maybe beanbags for comfort? Fairy lights and fire pits? Matting and cushions? A disco ball,
heaters, awnings and extensions?

A really good company will be able to take care of every detail for you – there’s nothing worse
than having to shop around with multiple suppliers, when it can all be done in one place.

And that’s about it! To save yourself having to shop around too much in the Yorkshire/Derbyshire area, I’d
recommend for excellent service and huge variety of offerings. Also  is another excellent company to try.

Good luck with your wedding planning!