Public Speaking at a Wedding

Public speaking is frightening for many of us. Having to do so when emotional is even worse. Whether for a funeral, baby naming, wedding or vow renewal, the thought of speaking aloud can be overwhelmingly frightening for many. If the thought is just too daunting, then click on the link below to be taken to my other website. I am a fully qualified hypnotherapist with NLP and EFT Training and help people overcome nerves and phobias. I can help you to have the perfect wedding, and also help you calm your nerves so that you enjoy it from start to finish. 

In the meantime, here’s some quick tips:

1) Write your speech down

Unless you’re really accomplished and used to speaking in public, it’s absolutely essential to write your words down to help keep you on track.

2) Practice before the Wedding

Practice makes perfect but not too much, because you want it to sound natural, rather than stilted.

3) Type your final draft out 

I recommend putting the whole speech in size 16 or 18 font to make it easy to read. Space out paragraphs.

4) Breathe in, breathe out

All celebrants agreed on this: after each full stop, remember to breathe. And take a longer, slower breath at the end of each six line paragraph. Start as you mean to go on:

Then, fix your eyes at the back of the hall – but low, so you’re not looking above people’s heads. 

Place your finger on where you are –  to avoid losing your place but remember to keep looking up.

5) Pace yourself

Take your time and speak slowly. When a natural pause comes, use it. One very good suggestion is to sweep your eyes around everybody regularly.