Reasons Modern couples choose a Celebrant

Reasons for a personalised Ceremony

Walking down the aisle
The giving away is always such a significant moment. There have been so many variations over the past few years, from a couple walking in together to a bride walking in alone, a bride being given away by both sets of parents or given away by a son or daughter; the variations are endless.

Personal Readings
I have seen friends and family of a couple deliver the most amazing readings over the years, but also a very lovely and confident bride deliver an epic reading herself which brought the house down! When it comes to readings, they don’t always have to be traditional love poems about marriage, but they can be song lyrics, excerpts from special and meaningful books or bespoke words written by the readers themselves.

The Love Story
Part of my role as a Celebrant is to also write and deliver what I call their love story or their journey. This will include highlights about how they met, when they fell in love, the proposal and right through to their hopes and aspirations for the future.  And if appropriate, I always like to weave in a little humour as well, it’s great to have a few laughs within the ceremony to keep the tone light and fun.

Personal Vows
I also encourage my couples to write their own personal vows if they would like to. To me, this is often the heart of the ceremony. The vows are normally sent to me independently so they are not only a surprise for the couple, but also to their guests.  This is such an incredibly special part of the ceremony and always fills my heart with so much joy. Of course , for those who need help, I have samples to either use or take inspiration from.

Who to choose?

There are lots of fabulous celebrants out there. Decide on what kind of vibe you want from your ceremony, and arrange to speak to a few people who most embody that. All celebrants are created differently and will bring different personalities to the party.

I love to write light hearted, informal, laughter and love filled ceremonies – I can also write in a romantic/hearts and flowers style – but really anything goes! Go for whoever feels comfortable and who you trust will set the tone for the day you want.

What about the legal bit?

Independent celebrant wedding ceremonies aren’t currently legally binding. But you can go to a registry office and get the legal bit done in 5-minutes flat. The “legal bit” of getting married consists of agreeing to 32 words (…basically that you are legally able to marry), and signing the register.

It costs about £50 in most councils, and is called a “2+2 ceremony”. That way, you can save your proper celebration for your wedding day, with all of your friends and family present. Believe me, doing the legal part beforehand does not take away from the experience of your celebrant-led wedding.

Because why have an ordinary wedding ceremony, when you can have an extraordinary one? If you’d like to hear more about how to create your own bespoke wedding ceremony in Sheffield, Rotherham, Barnsley, Chesterfield and surrounding areas, and make your ceremony POP!

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