WORLD CELEBRANT’S WEEK – Sheffield Celebrant

 OK, I’m a bit late to the party with World Celebrant week (site issues) but here’s my– Top 3 Reasons To Choose A Celebrant For Your Ceremony ✨

So many brides and grooms say to me,” this is my first time doing this where do I start?” The answer to this is that by choosing a Celebrant the couple has someone who is dedicated to them and to their wedding ceremony. I normally work with a couple over a period from as little as a couple of months to a couple of years; over Covid I was on couples’ wedding journeys from three years to just three weeks. My mission is to develop a good relationship/ friendship, with the couple. We usually meet once sometimes twice, mainly face to face, but with some couples last year we never met until the day, and we still got on like a house on fire and the ceremonies were a great success! ✨

✨ As a wedding Celebrant I am there to deliver the couple the ceremony that they want. Sometimes I have to tease out their thoughts and dreams, other times they have firm ideas but are not sure how they will pan out. I am there to reassure them and to work alongside them. Their ceremony may include religious elements of one faith or more or include spiritual elements or include no faith at all. They may choose a unity ritual instead or as well as: such as candle and sand ceremonies or hand-tying. Sometimes couples choose or create their own ritual, or I create one for them based on their personalities or interests. The opportunities are endless and I can guide the couple and be their sounding board until they are certain that everything has come together beautifully. ✨✨✨

As a creator of ceremonies I listen to the couple. It is very much as a wordsmith but also as a choreographer for the day. I ensure that the words in the script reflect the couple, their love, their wishes and their ideals. Rehearsals are important and whenever possible I meet with the couple at the venue and talk through the choreography of the ceremony and what works best photo-wise too. Ceremonies can last from fifteen to forty minutes plus– every ceremony is super unique. One couple I worked with wanted to personally thank all their wedding party and share anecdotes, another couple wanted a ceremony that was short and sweet ending with a family tradition. Both couples were over the moon! And I was happy to conduct both.


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