Other Life Celebrations

As a Sheffield wedding celebrant, I am able to help you create a personal ceremony for a variety of life events to mark a significant event in you or your family’s life and these can be made unique and meaningful to the people involved.
  • You may want a ceremony to celebrate a life changing event such as a graduation, passing your GCSE’s or a major work promotion! You could be launching a new business.
  • You may be planning retirement and want this ceremony to be marked by something personal about your time at work. You may want to include images, music, readings, a toast, a fun quiz about you, asking work colleagues to celebrate with you by writing some special comments about you or sharing poignant/funny stories.
  • Perhaps you have recently been divorced and want to share a healing ceremony with your family and friends.
  • Alternatively, you maybe retiring and wish to mark this with a special ceremony to celebrate your new life and plans ahead or you or your partner / family member have been seriously ill and are now adjusting to a different life than the one you had anticipated.
  • Other celebrations may include engagements, milestone birthdays, adoptions and many more!
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